Rental Education is taught by a MSHDA  certified housing counselor.  Get the tools  you  need to “RENT THE RIGHT WAY!”

Rental education is a five hour class in addition to a one hour individual counseling session that focuses on helping people become excellent renters.

Both education and counseling must be completed to receive the certification.

Understand what is involved with renting before you sign the lease.  Learn about your responsibilities as a tenant and the landlords obligations to you. This is an interactive class that will help you prepare to become a responsible renter.  Please contact our office with interest and a class will be scheduled at a later date.

Class discussion includes the following subjects:

Mastering Money Management

– Determine Spending Style

– Goal Setting

Developing a Spending Plan

– How to Create a Monthly Budget

Improving Credit

– Grow Your Credit Score

Fair Housing

– What are Fair Housing Laws

Renting Basics

– Pre-rental Considerations

– Before You Sign

– Terminating the Lease

Tenant Responsibilities

– What is Expected of a Good Tenant

Landlord Responsibilities

– What is Expected of Your Landlord

The Eviction Process